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Words from Architect Shadil (founder) -  

Hello and welcome sir/madam, I would like to tell you that Determination has much power and Execution of ideas is real power. 

STARTING WITH SOME FAILURES : I started a logo designing company in the year 2011 that failed due to less number of clients and no revenue. Published a large number of advertisements on newspapers and other platforms but failed. The second one was which used to transfer books intra-college i.e. a month the students of same colleges. This made some profits but could not go ahead. Next startup named 'Hello Sabzi' was of delivering Vegetables to the doorstep. This one picked up but could not sustain due to deficits in account books.  We also failed recently in 2018 when we tried to branch-out our company.

About the company ARCHITECT SHADIL : I started this company from a small room on 25th December.2015 in which I used to live in. I used my study table and chair which I got from my parents as my office table. When client used to visit my office, I would bring a couple of glass of water from myself (Yes. No staff(s) in the beginning). I used to bring two plastic chairs for clients from my roommate which he owned when ever clients used to come. The first client was the optical fiber company who was working in NIT Raipur itself. I did some work for them and got Rs.2000/- rupees that was really large for me.  We started from scratch by our visionary founder Architect Shadil who completed his Bachelor in Architecture from National Institute of Technology, Raipur Chhattisgarh. The office started on 25th December.2015 from a small house in Raipur where he used to live on rent. We did not had any business background or any links. But to the new architects and startups, kindly note that the company started with the investment of Rs.100/- that was for printing business cards.

On 5th October.2017, we changed to our present location that is on Kota-Gudhiyari road, Beside Singapore city, Kota, Raipur Chhattisgarh. From there started the next milestone. Initially we were covering many domains such as Architectural designing, Interior Designing, Liasoning works, Construction works and many others, but to give clients utmost satisfaction and quality in service delivery, we streamlined our services and around October.2018, we narrowed scope of works to Designing and Liasoning works only

With all blessings of God, parents, teachers, team members, our valuable clients and everyone who contributed in some way or the other we reached to an exemplary stage of serving 500+ clients around 25th December.2019 (3 years of wonderful journey). Our firm was also chosen in three best rated architects in Raipur. We also ranked among top in search engines like google that is with all the blessings of the society. 

It is indeed pleasure for us that we have served many a districts whether it is Raipur, Durg, Bilaspur, Jashpur, Dantewada, Balrampur, Sarguja and many others that make a huge list

Things were going on fine, but we analyzed our data and took reviews from our valuable clients and many others, they suggested that they like us very much because we helped them in Naksha pass / Approval of maps services. They were happy that they saved much of their time and money with us. The convenience and speed they got made us the real pioneer in the market.

So, converting that feedback into feed forward, we took another drastic step on 12th July.2019 and renamed our company as . This proved to be the real game-changer since the life of clients became easy and now we could even serve more number of clients spread all over Chhattisgarh in CLEAR and SPEEDY manner.

With this, we are getting offers from other Architects and Engineers who are requesting franchisees for them so that they also come under this mission to provide the clients the most clear, fastest and convenient Nakshapass service.

GOOD NEWS: This is not the end but we are planning a revolutionary mobile App and web portal very soon so that the process of Nakshapass and loan documents such as estimation and costing, certificates etc. will be provided in the shortest possible time frame and in the easiest possible manner so that KAHI DER NA HO JAAYE. 

Someone may think that why I am sharing this boring journey and  did not take financial help of parents in the initial phase, they would have probably helped me. I want to tell you they really helped me in every manner and wanted to support me in whatever way I would have asked. But, since I did not asked money/ financial assistance for starting the business, but welcomed them on 5th Oct. 2019 on our new office in which I invested around 2 Lakh rupees with wonderful Dinner and bouquet, that too with the company profits only, the satisfaction I saw in their eyes was very shiny and inspirational. What I learned that even if your parents are billionaire and see they you earning even a single rupee by your own they are much happier than anything else. 

Thanks a lot. Vasudha-eva-kutumbakam

Our Team

Architect Shadil


Director/ Owner

4 years experience in this field. Studied from NIT Raipur CG. Loves to help clients

Architect Yogendra


Jr. Architect

 3 years experience in this field. B.Arch. from NIT Raipur and has expertise crafting things very minutely

Aniket Jha



Expert in assisting clients with multiple queries regarding norms, fees, status and so on.

Karan Deepak


Technical Head

Expert in technical specifications

Karanjeet Singh


Commercial Head

Leads Business of the company